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More and more companies are offering websites in different languages to target their customers directly. Puns, adages, and allusions turn marketing messages into effective advertising, but they are not necessarily easy to translate from the source language into the target language. Wording, expressions, customs, and even the colors and composition of a website can differ depending on the country, region, and culture. Such differences can be seen, for example, in American English when compared to British or Australian English, or in the Bavarian dialect when compared to High German.

What happens when you localize a website

In order to avoid misunderstandings and stumbling blocks, our native-speaking technical translators are able to “localize” your web content. This means they are not only able to elegantly translate the content into the desired target language, but can also adapt the language and structure of the web page to the cultural features and expectations of the respective target group. This prevents misunderstandings or your customers from laughing and shaking their heads, because as we know: “The Devil Lies in the Detail”. *

* The book series “The Devil Lies in the Detail – Lustiges und Lehrreiches über unsere Lieblingsfremdsprache” (Funny and instructive facts about our favorite foreign language) by Peter Littger is published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch and humorously shines a “light on the confusing darkness of the German/English languages”.

This concerns, for example, adaptations such as:

  • Date and time formats
  • Units of measurement, temperatures (Celsius, Fahrenheit)
  • Currencies
  • Contact information, telephone numbers, and addresses
  • Text direction, colors

Our full service for website translations also includes:

  • Translation of AdWords, for example Google Ads
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), e.g. keywords, source text
  • Translation of the data privacy statement and the information on data processing (in accordance with the GDPR)


An important aspect for website updates and more extensive website translations:

If desired, we can use Computer Aided Translation Software (CAT) such as Transit™ or SDL Trados™. This reduces the cost of extensive translations containing numerous repetitions and also guarantees consistent use of technical terminology as well as the consistency of the content and a uniform style in your translation.

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