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Reliable oral translations that ensure the success of your event.

Good communication is the key to success at events with international visitors. Do you need a reliable and professional interpreter with a good feel for the nuances of the language? Linguamon provides you with qualified, certified simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for any language combination desired. The confident, professional, and pleasant demeanor of our experienced staff is an additional guarantee for the success of your negotiations.

Our experienced interpreters can interpret in person, by telephone, or online for congresses, trade fairs, conferences, and meetings in business, politics, and science as well as for video or telephone conferences and negotiations. When selecting an interpreter, we always ensure that you receive precisely the person who has experience in the desired field or industry and is familiar with the corresponding technical jargon.

This includes contract negotiations where a consecutive or simultaneous interpreter is needed, or a patient interview where the medical terms used in the diagnosis need to be translated at the doctor’s office or in the hospital. This also includes appointments in court or at a public authority, lawyer, notary public, or real estate agent where contracts need to be discussed.

Official documents are in good hands with us as well: We can also translate your deeds, documents, and contracts.

Certified and tested translation reliability

You can rely on our sworn interpreters in court as well as at public authorities and notaries. Their personal suitability and professional skills for these tasks are certified and verified.

In addition, we thoroughly and regularly test the translation reliability of our interpreters. We only deploy specialists with knowledge of the corresponding industry and at least three years of experience in their field.

Depending on the occasion for which you need an interpreter, we will arrange for a native speaker with appropriate knowledge of the field. This is because we know that an incorrect interpretation can have unpleasant or even serious consequences, which is why we only work with highly qualified personnel.

Industry-specific, situational, and professional competence
Professional interpreting services for
Simultaneous interpreting
Consecutive interpreting
Conference interpreting
Whispered interpreting
Negotiation interpreting
Interpreting at trade fairs
Interpreting at public authorities
Interpreting for the police
Interpreting at the doctor’s office
Court interpreting
Interpreting for appraisers
Interpreting for official experts
Provision of simultaneous interpreting systems
Interpreting in more than 100 languages


Per hour
From € 75.00
Interpreting for lawyers, notaries, real estate agents, registry offices, and youth welfare services
The prices do not include travel costs, expenses, or value added tax.
Kosten Verhandlungsdolmetschen Konsekutivdolmetschen
Per hour
From € 500.00
Negotiation and consecutive interpreting
The prices do not include travel costs, expenses, or value added tax.
Preis Simultandolmetschen
Per hour
From € 750.00
Simultaneous interpreting
The prices do not include travel costs, expenses, or value added tax.
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