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Books, novels, poems, and even screenplays are brought to life by their linguistic style. The style needs to be authentic and understandable, convey ideas, and play with words. It is an art to transfer these characteristics into other languages. Authors, publishers, and editors rely on us to translate non-fiction books in addition to fiction, literature, and editorials.

Language really comes to life in literature and journalistic writing. Translation requires an extraordinary feel and sensitivity for language in order to bring out the subtleties of the characters in such a way that it is fun to read the text, identify with the protagonists, and be drawn into the story.



“The best pages in the original belong to the author,
those in the translation to the translator.”

    Michael Genin (1927 – 2003)

It is good to know that our translators can handle the balancing act between precision and artistic freedom with flying colors. Their translations stay close to the original, but they have a great deal of creative sensitivity when choosing words so that they can create the same atmosphere in the translation as in the original. Yet their translations are just as easy to read and encourage you to read further. Humorous passages and puns in particular require a precise knowledge of the language so that the punch line is effective and does not trigger unwanted irritation.

Translations of reference books, on the other hand, are quite different!

In this case, the translator must know the technical terms precisely and be able to use them with confidence. For this reason, we only use professional technical translators who have a degree in the corresponding discipline. This means that you can be sure that your translation will meet the highest linguistic and technical standards.

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