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Translation Memory Systems (CAT)

A vocabulary and “memory” of your translation from

Computer-aided translation ensures consistent terminology, consistent content, and the clarity of your translation. We use powerful translation memory tools such as Transit™ and SDL Trados™ to generate a memory of your translation. Using these “memory banks”, every sentence that has been translated is collected in one place and is available for subsequent translations. The proofreader also accesses the database when double-checking the quality.

However, computer-assisted translation does not mean that a machine translates your text. Instead, this AI-based software offers suggestions of identical or similar company-specific phrases and technical terms to our professional translators that they can then incorporate into their current project. This means every sentence that has already been translated for you never needs to be translated again. The translator can therefore concentrate on new or revised content, which saves time and money.

SDL* Trados Studio

Benefits of using a translation memory:

  • A consistent corporate language is used worldwide
  • Cost savings
  • Less time needed for translation
  • Previously translated content is saved and intelligently reused
  • Consistent company-specific wording and style
  • Centrally maintained terminology management

Suitable translation projects for a translation memory:

  • Machine or plant documentation
  • Manuals, operating instructions
  • Product catalogs
  • Web pages
  • Software programs
  • Text that needs to be updated frequently
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