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Technical translations must be precise yet comprehensible. Even minor inaccuracies in an operating or instruction manual can lead to technical faults due to operating errors, and consequentially to personal injury, property damage, high costs, and a damaged reputation. The same applies to safety data sheets, maintenance plans, and machine or plant documentation.

At, we entrust your technical translations exclusively to experienced and qualified native speakers with university degrees in the corresponding field. They have specialized industry-specific and technical knowledge and have good command of the required terminology. Consequently, you can be sure that we will find a specialist in our network who is a perfect fit for your project.

Certified quality guarantee

All technical translations we prepare meet the international quality standards according to DIN ISO 17100, which is why we are registered with DIN CERTCO/TÜV Rheinland.

We promise you the following:

  • The use of certifiably qualified translators
    We only use native speakers with a university degree in the relevant field and several years of experience as technical translators.
  • Precisely defined process flows throughout the translation process
    Every text is proofread by a professionally qualified specialist, and customer feedback is systematically incorporated into the translation.
  • Each step in the translation process is documented and archived
    The translation is only approved by the project manager after all steps have been completed.
Terminology management

We work with you to build up a terminology glossary, for example based on your publications and databases, which we continually update and expand. Such a glossary ensures consistency of the content and text as well as a uniform style in your translation.


We make sure that your company-specific technical terms are used consistently and correctly!

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Übersetzung Texte und Dokumente

An experienced native speaker who specializes in the relevant field will translate your text.

Qualitätskontrolle der Übersetzung
Quality control

The translation is proofread and double-checked by a second translator and delivered on time.

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    Glossary maintenance for consistent text and content
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    We offer technical translations from in these disciplines, among others:
    Alternative energies
    Instructions for operation / operation / installation and maintenance
    Plant engineering
    Automation / Robotics
    Biotechnology/genetic engineering
    Chemical technology
    Database contents
    Electrical engineering
    Aircraft construction
    Informatics / EDP
    Mechanical engineering
    Space travel
    Software documentation
    Software localization
    Urban planning
    Technical documentation