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Professional communication in over 100 languages

Our global network of highly qualified translators enables us to translate documents and technical papers into most of the languages of the world.

For many years, we have been translating from almost every foreign language into German and vice versa. We translate directly into the foreign language requested – without going through a third language. By translating directly from one foreign language into another, you elegantly avoid the quality losses typically incurred when translating through a third language, especially when translating into multiple languages.

Sprachen und Sprachkombinationen

Choose any language combination

We offer our customers direct translations for almost every language combination and every language pair – including minority languages.

An example

Do you need to translate a document from French into Dutch or vice versa, from Dutch into French for your company?


Our selected specialists do not translate into German first, but translate directly between the corresponding source and target language. This saves time and money and ensures the quality of the translation.