Legally compliant and accepted by public authorities

Certified Translations of Official Documents

Accepted by all public authorities, courts, and consulates

Certified Translations

Certified translators with knowledge of different administrative, educational, and legal systems as well as with a secure command of writing styles for your certified translation from Linguamon.

Courts, notaries, consulates, and other public authorities often require certified translations of documents such as deeds, certificates, identification documents, commercial register extracts, court documents, medical reports, certificates of employment, or academic degrees and transcripts.

Certified translations may only be prepared by certified (or publicly appointed) translators and must include a statement attesting to the completeness and accuracy of their content. Only a certified translation is legally compliant and will stand up in court.

We value the experience, linguistic precision, and extensive knowledge of the various administrative, educational, and legal systems of our native-speaking translators.

Our native-speaking translators are true experts.

At Linguamon, we only use certified, native-speaking professional translators to translate official documents. We know they are true experts, which is why we are very proud that we have established a reliable network of specialized translators over the years so that we can offer you a wide variety of language combinations.

From 49
Academic degrees and transcripts
Medical licenses, PhD theses
From 49
Letters from lawyers
Letters, legal texts, contracts
From 49
Medical certificates
Certificates, records
From 49
General certificates of education
Report cards
From 49
Job references
Letters of recommendation, internship reports
From 49
Identification papers
Passports, ID cards, documents
From 79
Building permits
Building applications, building specifications
From 69
Tax notices, pension notices
From 49
Bachelor diplomas, Master diplomas
From 39
Driver’s licenses
Certificates of competence
From 49
Certificates of good conduct
Certificates of good conduct
From 49
Birth certificates
Death certificates, certificates of inheritance
From 99
Articles of association
Corporate statutes
From 189
Certificates of incorporation
Contracts & reports
From 79
Commercial register extracts
Business assessments, P&L
From 49
Marriage certificates
Divorce judgments

How to get a certified translation:

Simply upload your documents as attachments or in the form of a scan or a photo using the quick form, or you can send your documents to us by email, fax, or mail.  You can also submit them in person at our office in Berlin or Dortmund.

We will reply right away! If you need your translation very quickly, then we would be happy to help you with our express translation service.

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