Translation quality

Quality conscious and accurate

We take no changes in ensuring the quality of translations:

  • The “four-eyes principle”
    The text that has been translated by a specialist translator is proofread by another translator.
  • Competent staff
    Our experienced specialist translators, who are state approved and/or are approved by German courts, meet the exacting requirements for specialist translations. Apart from the respective linguistic skills, they also have the expert knowledge that is indispensable.
  • Technological support
    We place great emphasis on Translation Memory Software, such as Transit™, SDL Trados™ or Across™. Such software saves time, is cost-efficient and ensures consistent terminology as well as textual consistency and stylistic coherence.

We consider a translation to be professional if

  • the subtleties in the source text are captured in the target language,
  • the translation is accurate, professional, stylistically correct and creative,
  • the linguistic and technical correctness is confirmed by a sophisticated quality assurance system.

Our formula for success

  • Top service
  • Fair prices
  • On-time performance

We are specialists

To meet the most stringent demands, we exclusively work with qualified specialist translators who are experts in the following fields:

Native language speakers

Our staff is comprised of experienced translators who have a college/university degree in their particular field of expertise. They generally translate into their respective mother tongues only.

Our proven combination for success

+ Native speaker principle
+ College or university degree
+ Experience

guarantees both the linguistic as well as the technical correctness of our translations.

You will appreciate the difference that our translations make

Last but not least, we have gained unparalleled comprehensive experience through the multitude of domestic and international translation projects that we have worked on over the years. In all modesty, we are very proud of that.


If required, your translation will be certified by translators who are approved by German courts.

Translations according to EU standard

Texts are translated into the required target language according to EU guidelines and the DIN EN 17100 standard.
Linguamon is registered under EN Reg.No. 7U125.

Data protection is a top priority for us

For data protection purposes, our translators are bound to absolute confidentiality and non-disclosure.