Translation agency

Experienced, competent, fair

Linguamon GmbH was founded in April 1986 as an international translation agency for all languages and all subject areas. Since then, we have made a name for ourselves in the translation sector. With offices in Berlin and Dortmund, we offer specialised translations throughout Germany and beyond.

Thanks to our competent specialist translators, our translations offer excellent value for money. As a result, Linguamon has established a strong base of regular clients, which is comprised of numerous insurance companies, law firms, public prosecutor offices, courts and companies from various business sectors that we have been closely cooperating with for years.

Over the decades, we have established translation teams for all subject areas and languages. Translations are done by native speakers and are proofread before they are submitted to our clients. To ensure that translations are consistent in terminology and style, subsequent orders are always executed by the same teams of translators.

Ever since the company was founded, we have placed great importance on client satisfaction and quality, and we have always been results oriented. Our quality assurance is based on the four-eyes principle: The translation done by one translator is afterwards proofread by another translator.

We offer you quality and client satisfaction – and have been doing so for more than three decades