Simultaneous or consecutive?

In a world of rapidly growing networks and mainly open borders, experts in different professional fields, such as business leaders, politicians and scientists constantly get together at international level for negotiations, conferences, exhibitions, congresses or meetings. Simultaneous or consecutive oral translations are generally essential at such events.

Linguamon can provide qualified simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for any desired language pair in a fast and simple manner. The confident, professional and pleasant demeanour of our experienced employees is an additional guarantee for successful negotiations.

If required, we can also provide the simultaneous interpreting device and technical equipment required.

Our interpretation services include

  • Simultaneous interpreting
  • Consecutive interpreting
  • Conference interpreting
  • Whispered simultaneous interpreting
  • Negotiation interpreting
  • Court interpreters
  • Interpreting at appraisals
  • Interpreting at trade fairs
  • Interpreting at registry offices
  • Interpreting at police stations
  • Interpreting in hospitals
  • Interpreting at congresses


  • The provision of a simultaneous interpreting device
  • Comprehensive advice, thorough planning and preparation


Interpreting for lawyers, notaries and agents, at registries and youth welfare offices
Starting at € 70.00 per hour

Negotiations and consecutive interpreting
Starting at € 600.00 per day

Simultaneous interpreting
Starting at € 750.00 per day

The above prices are excluding travel costs, allowances and VAT.